Many local residents and groups have been in touch with me over the last number of weeks regarding the Dundrum Central development, and the lack of meaningful engagement by the Land Development Agency in addressing their concerns in relation to the proposed height, density, entrance and exit routes, as well as the impact such a large scale project will have on traffic levels and the increased demand on local infrastructure.

Please find below a copy of my letter to the Land Development Agency regarding the Dundrum Central Project for your information, where I have requested the LDA to meaningfully reengage with the local community in a solution-based, transparent and holistic manner, and ensure that all concerns raised regarding the project have been sufficiently addressed. I have also sent a copy of this letter to the Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien for his attention. I will continue to engage with both the LDA and Minister O’Brien.

Community Liaison Office – Dundrum Central Project
Land Development Agency
Second Floor, Ashford House
Tara Street,
D02 VX67

A chara,
I hope this finds you safe and well.
I write to you today on behalf of a number of concerned local residents regarding the development of the old Dundrum Central Mental Hospital site by the Land Development Agency.
Whilst it is recognised that the Dundrum Central project is an important development to provide additional housing supply in the area, it is imperative that the LDA properly engage and work with the surrounding communities throughout its consultation process and as the project progresses.
It was a necessary and unavoidable decision by the LDA to move all consultations, engagements and meetings on this development entirely online due to the current Corona Virus restrictions. However, many local residents and groups have raised their concerns with me regarding the lack of thorough engagement by the LDA with the local community. It is vitally important that meaningful engagement and input from local residents takes place for this project.
Unfortunately, many local residents and community groups feel that this has not been the case thus far, and that their concerns in relation to density, height, access, traffic and the demands on local infrastructure have not been adequately addressed. This lack of meaningful engagement has led the local community to fear that a lot of key decisions have already been made and that the consultation is merely a box ticking exercise. They seek a more collaborative approach that would help produce a holistic development that works for the local community and the LDA.
I am writing to urge the LDA to increase their engagement with the surrounding community in a solution based manner, and to listen and work with them and the wider community to ensure that the Dundrum Central site is a positive addition to the area that assists in solving existing issues, rather than creating new ones.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

Catherine Martin TD